• Double Diamond PowerPoint Template

The Double diamond PowerPoint Template is a connection diagram created by the British design council in 2005. After that, many designers are using the model to make better designs. It looks like a twin diagram with a non-separable structure. So, the first and second designs are mutually dependent on each other. The first diagram conveys pre-defined steps and activities that should be taken for a design thinking process. At the same time, the second design of the diamond template illustrates the diverging and converging diamond approach in the design thinking process. Our double diamond template for PowerPoint presentation benefits academic presentations and coaching sessions to discuss how designs could be more user-friendly while using the double diamond design thinking approach.

In the double diamond PowerPoint template, you can see two diamond designs printed with textual tips. The first structure is a general problem model that shows two topics, i.e., observe and define. This common model approach focused on the divergent and convergent combination of design thinking. First, you observe, and then you define. In the second structure of the diamond PowerPoint design, you will derive a specific solution by two approach models, i.e., ideation and prototype. These solutions also come from divergent and convergent thinking. So, the double diamond approach has divided the thinking process into four phases: Observe, Define, Ideation, and Prototyping. This is a well-researched solution approach yet provides a simple design thinking process.

The double diamond template for PowerPoint presentations has various designs with different texts. You can use the technique to show the problem-solving model PowerPoint presentation and take advantage of the connected problem-solving approach to create solutions. Unfortunately, the double model approach has been modified with too many variant concepts. However, official approaches to the dual diamond model are Discovery, Definition, Development and Delivery. You can also try out our other Problem solving templates and combine them to make a great presentation.