• 4 level sales funnel diagram template

4 level sales funnel diagram design is a customer journey map of the AIDA model that shows the cognitive stages and buying process by which an individual buys a product/service. The sales funnel illustrates the customer journey towards a particular product. This customer journey involves four stages; awareness, interest decision, and action. First, it's purchasing funnel where buyers go to and fro at each location to support them in making the final purchase. Next, you can sell a product through internet marketing or digital marketing. For this, first, you should create brand awareness or affiliation with your product or service. Secondly, generate interest in your product/service's benefits and sufficient interest to encourage the buyer to start to research further. Next, make an emotional connection with your product and move the customer from 'liking it' to 'wanting it; this is the third stage. And finally, move the customer to interact with your company and taking the next step: making the phone call, downloading a brochure, or joining your newsletter, etc.

The name suggests funnel diagram PowerPoint template is a sales and marketing presentation tool that denotes the four stages of the customer journey. It shows the filtering process through a funnel that is how a large customer-base is becomes narrowing when a purchase occurs. Sales funnel template balances business visualization of how customers travel towards each sales stage of the customer buying journey or how a company can accomplish its customers by retaining the interest or desires towards their products. In this PowerPoint presentation, we provide artistic funnel shapes to describe a sales funnel.

4 level sales funnel PowerPoint template is fit for sales presentation with organized themes and concepts. The funnel design is for Google slide presentations as well as a mac keynote presentation. Additionally, we have a free funnel diagram PowerPoint. To display the marketing process and sales fulfillment process, download a variety of free PowerPoint designs. Also check out our collection of funnel slides.