• Project Management Funnel Template PowerPoint
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Project Management Funnel Template PowerPoint is a five-layer funnel showing the projecting filtering process. The project funnel diagram for PowerPoint presentation has five steps; project initiation, project planning, project execution, project monitoring & controlling, and project closing. This stage-by-stage illustration of project management shows the entire project pipeline. In addition, the diagrams show bottlenecks in the project pipeline with its implementation in product development and project management. The funnel diagram PowerPoint consists of a series of phases with project process flows. The vertical funnel template in a blue and green mix makes your project presentation attractive and engaging with modern graphics and infographic icons.

The project management funnel template for PowerPoint presentations shows multi-level phases of the project process and allows project managers to customize the process for different project presentations. Besides, the marketing team can use the same PowerPoint template to show lead generation and the sales funnel process. The template of the project management funnel provides a bigger picture of the project development divided into five steps. The funnel's callout designs help users create explanations with bullet Point slideshows. Meanwhile, they can use clipart icons to represent the project funnel presentation.

The project management process funnel template makes it easier to plan, capture, manage, and report on work through the project management process. The two PowerPoint slides enable the user to display key stages and what work should be done for project success. Download and customize the project management template.