• Get Keep Grow Funnel Slide Template
  • Get Keep Grow Funnel powerpoint Template

Get Keep Grow Funnel Slide Template is a marketing strategy presentation with the help of a funnel PowerPoint template. This horizontal funnel is designed for displays showing the customer journey stages with the selling techniques. These are the slogans that should be kept in mind while working on customer acquisition programs. Get the customer, Keep the customer, and Grow with the customer.

This peculiar funnel PPT design has three parts. On the left side of the funnel, you can show get the customer or customer acquisition through lead generation; this is the first phase of any marketing. After your leads become customers, try for their retention (keep the customers). Next, the funnel template's middle part shows keep the customer programs (outreach programs, product updates, blog, RSS, e-mails, contests, events, and loyalty programs). Finally, presenters can display the Grow with customer tactics (Up-sell, Next-sell, Cross-sell, and referrals) on the right-hand side.

Get Keep Grow Funnel PowerPoint Template has many mixes of colors that look attractive on both backgrounds. The funnel template is designed according to the customer journey map. This One Pager funnel diagram PowerPoint combines red, yellow, green, light green light blue, sky blue, and blue in a layered funnel format. However, this is not a typical funnel slide with an open top and narrow bottom. Instead, both sides of the funnel have large openings, while the middle side has a narrow pathway. Use this symbolic creation of the Get Keep Grow Funnel Slide for marketing presentations.