• Bow Tie Funnel PowerPoint Template
  • Bow Tie Funnel PowerPoint Template Dark

The Bow Tie funnel PowerPoint Template presents a sales and marketing diagram to display customer acquisition plans in PowerPoint. There are several funnel diagrams in the traditional marketing space, but the Bow tie funnel template will explain non-conventional marketing methods, lead generation and lead retention. A bow-tie funnel diagram for marketing is a visual representation that illustrates the customer journey from awareness to conversion. The wide part at the top represents the initial stage of attracting potential customers through various marketing channels. The narrow middle section of the bow tie PowerPoint describes the process of nurturing leads and converting them into customers. Finally, the wide part at the bottom represents customer retention and advocacy, where satisfied customers become brand ambassadors and help attract new customers.

The bow tie funnel PowerPoint template's illustration is different when compared to the traditional funnel diagram. This funnel PowerPoint template is created horizontally with four funnel layers on either side. The center circle potion shows the feedback loops with customer experience. Bow tie funnel insists your marketing tactics shouldn't stop once you set a deal. Instead, it should continue after the sale and turn your customer into Adopters, Loyalists, Advocates, and, finally, brand ambassadors of your product. The second half of the funnel template focuses on brand trust, which shows why the bow tie funnel is important in marketing.

The bow tie funnel template for PowerPoint presentation uses many colors and dotted lines to explain the concept completely. This is one pager template in two background colour combinations. Besides, the funnel layers are differently colored as violet, green, blue and yellow. The center loop is in red. This is a customer-centric model of marketing education that can be used to display how customers become brand ambassadors of the product. The template allows customization on all features, including color, text font, and diagram size.