• 3 level funnel design

3 level funnel design template is a marketing presentation diagram comprising three stages of lead generation. Funnels are opposite pyramid PowerPoint designs in reverse layout. The top of the chart has vast areas, while the bottom ends in a narrow configuration. You can present the filtering process of leads and highlight how a stranger becomes the business's customer. This is a simple PowerPoint section containing only three areas of the customer journey. However, each layer has four different text zones to help you create a comprehensive presentation regarding lead generation or sales processes. Each text area on the surface is divided into four parts to detail the customer journey as a simple transition model.

The users can make a thorough presentation on each step and clear their marketing strategies with knowledge. A sales funnel the marketing terms for the journey prospective customers go through on the way to buying. There are various steps to a sales funnel, frequently known as the bottom, middle, and top, although these steps may vary subject to a company’s sales model. The 3 level funnel template is a simple creation for your business presentation.

Most often, a funnel diagram PowerPoint template is used to project sales steps and customer acquisition strategies. So, the funnel ppt diagrams are considered the marketing presentation template or sales process introductory slides over the years. It is appropriate to display how a visitor or a stranger becomes the promoter of a product. The funnel is a customer analysis model to establish a procurement process journey with the pictorial scenario. It is a 3 phase process that leads up to the conversion. Also, it shows the way of customer journey towards product and services. The funnel ppt design can help managers to explain lead generation strategies based on CRM. This PowerPoint is a common design for various business features like strategic and marketing plans. Check out more funnel templates from our collection and create engaging presentations.