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The design thinking slides template is a linear timeline diagram showing the business solution framework in five phases. This is an instructive ppt to display the process behind creative thinking. Design thinking is a cyclic process. Nevertheless, the design is in a linear progression. It helps showcase the step-by-step development of design thinking within six steps. These steps are empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, and implement. Design thinking is most beneficial when you want to solve problems that need to be correctly defined or identified. It allows trained designers to use creative methods, techniques, and attitudes to address various challenges. Design thinking abilities will make your role valuable irrespective of your industry. It will work in any field of education, business, government, or non-profit.

The timeline template for design thinking slide is suitable for case studies and business reports. This is a customer-centric design modem instead of a problem-centric solution. The iterative problem-solving model continuously searches for many ways of creative solutions instead of a single model. It involves observing unmet customer needs and business problems while framing the steps of design thinking. It help test assumption, redefine complications, and build inventive solutions to pattern and test. Thinking like a designer can change the way products, processes, and strategies are developed.

The design thinking slides powerpoint template is a simple template created with six circle designs. Each circle is colored differently and has different metaphoric themes. Blue, violet, pink, orange, yellow and green look attractive on the black and white ppt background. An arrow design between the circles is usable for connecting each phase in a relationship—besides, the thin lines show the iterative nature of the process back and forth. The design thinking powerpoint template can be used for any presentation having six stages. Download alternative design thinking template from the slidebazaar gallery!