• 5 Step Creative Circular Diagram Design for PowerPoint

5 Step Creative Circular Diagram Design for PowerPoint

5 Step creative circular diagram design PowerPoint template is a marketing PowerPoint template with creative slide design. Business professionals and marketing managers can use this diagram to show the five essential elements that meet your product marketing goals. The circular diagram is designed with five separate circles that are placed adjacent to the big center circles. Five Peripheral circles are five concepts of product or service marketing. Business presentation always touch marketing concepts and sales strategies because sales generation and profit-making is the utmost aim of any business enterprises. So, the five circle PowerPoint template is a simple diagram for presenting business development concepts and marketing strategies. While the five-stage circular ppt diagram is a generic presentation that is usable for displaying any topic up to five elements.

Circles in the five step circular diagram PowerPoint template contain five infographic icons. These icons are revealing important messages metaphorically before the viewers. Icons include the bulb, tools, smartphone, meter, and eye. If the presenters want to discuss their topic symbolically they can default PowerPoint clipart’s. For instance, bulb represents an innovative marketing idea, smartphone device represents digital marketing models or social media marketing etc. similarly, users can feature novel meaning for the rest. If they don’t want these icons they can replace or remove using customization options.

5 Step creative circular diagram design PowerPoint template is an easy-to-learn template with minimal PowerPoint design. The users can use center zone to depict the key heading of the presentation and provides it details with the mini-circle shapes. Each circle shape has text placeholder’s enables the hosts to make a vivid presentation. The 5 stages circular diagram PowerPoint template is a multi-purpose template, users can display business presentations to learning and common presentation. Simply customize the text placeholders or the shapes with useful information and present any concept. Besides, the PowerPoint comes with two background colors that can also modify.

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