Creative step-by-step Workflow PowerPoint template and Keynote slide show the process of the workflow, The template is designed in both powerpoint and keynote version in 16:9(widescreen) and 4:3(Normal) Version.

Creative step-by-step workflow PowerPoint template keynote slide is useful to show the project development or organizational development with historical achievements. Choose this artistic PowerPoint for presenting a plan to be executed across a number of highlights. The PowerPoint template has creative zigzag design resembles a caterpillar that crawling towards the destination. Each curved section in the diagram characterizes a milestone, labeled with infographic icons and text placeholders. They are colored in black, blue, green, sandal and yellow. The minimalist icons encircled with circle shape. These PowerPoint icons include; chat, speaker, tools, briefcase and trophy.

The wide range of the timeline allows for the easy presentation of the stages of long-term business plan. The user can show how each stage is implemented during the course of one period in the five stages development. The template gives a specific slide design featuring segment of timeline, giving to the conversation a space to drill down into a landmark to discuss the plan in greater detail. The division can be treated as the classification of the different steps, but connected with each phases. The generic design allows the user to present strategy formations over the years. Project status and development also ideal with this creative step-by-step workflow PowerPoint and keynote template.

The infographic icons and the PowerPoint shapes allow customization; users can change the color patterns and icons, add more sections or delete one section as per the domain of the presentation. The default editable PowerPoint graphics will be able to effectively capture the executive audience. This user-friendly design makes the slide flexible to be functional to any type of presentation. It can be edited to match the user’s preference and feel. The presenters can browse additional designs timeline and roadmap gallery.