• Creative Pencil Timeline PowerPoint Template and Keynote Slide

Creative pencil timeline PowerPoint template shows timeline infographics in the shape of a horizontally placed pencil. A pencil can be considered a representation of something to start from scratch or something which is starting to evolve. This diagram is perfect for showing a business growth over time, an idea success structure, growth in a product reach, etc. The pencil is divided into years in a horizontally distributed graph where the color indicates each year and the contribution from each of those years. As these are completely editable, you can feel free to change the section allotted for each year and even retitle the years to show months or weeks or any specification that suits your data. Each year or section is allocated description content space and minimalistic clipart icons that will better interpret that stage in brief. This Creative Pencil Timeline is available in PowerPoint and Keynote templates.

Timeline presentation needs innovative and artistic visual graphics. Because business timeline presentation is quite common in all management and business sectors. Slidebaazar designers and researchers are always engaged in creating something new. The users and viewers don’t get bored when they are in the discussion hall. Therefore, our creative pencil timeline for PowerPoint ensures the new envision of the presentation subject. This timeline PowerPoint template can be used as the business timeline to show the business process and historical milestones. You can illustrate the business plans, strategies, stages, steps, business opportunities, and ideas by using the creative pencil timeline PowerPoint template. The editable diagram allows customization.

Business timelines can be used to illustrate the management of a particular project or major event, such as the startup of a new business or client. Timelines are essential in managing the tasks that need to occur to reach your goals and determining the viability of your target dates and costs. The creative pencil timeline PowerPoint template is helpful in explaining the overall business timeframe. The timeline will help to direct you, keep you on track and transfer the goals of your business. You can access more timeline templates here.