• Infographics circle timeline PowerPoint template and keynote

Circle Timeline PowerPoint Template

For an effective PowerPoint presentation, the presenter’s presence of mind is very essential. Similarly, PowerPoint presentations should be simple and innovative. Infographics circle timeline PowerPoint template and keynote design that you can download to make attractive and effective business presentations display a business plan or educational PowerPoint presentation by the circle timeline ppt presentation. Timeline presentation is a model of business planning and achievement. This timeline model is useful to illustrate six steps or procedures of business process development. Business process development is a set of procedures and processes that can easily display using the PowerPoint template. The presenters can take complete advantage of the slide by making a business plan presentation or displaying the chronology of business achievement.

Circle timeline PowerPoint template and keynote slide is a cool design for a business timeline presentation. The users can present the future planning of the business along with past development. Portraying of business development and the matters that make barriers to development are common in business presentations. The editable circle timeline ppt diagram is appropriate for the presentation of barriers as well as achievements.

Circle timeline PowerPoint template and keynote, just as the name goes this template is used to denote a timeline of events that occurred down the year. The timeline is portrayed in the form of a horizontal line with six circles arranged in a single straight line. The circles vary in size, shape, and colors like green, blue, orange, brown, yellow, etc. There are six years that are portrayed in the timeline; 2012, 2014, and 2016 are at the bottom half while 2013, 2015, and 2017 are at the upper section. Dotted lines arise from each circle to a text box wherein you have an option to edit the relevant details and descriptions. The Circle Timeline Infographics PowerPoint and Keynote template has black and white backgrounds and can be used to portray a series of important events or milestones that occurred from the year 2012 to 2017.

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