• 4 circle service PowerPoint template and keynote

4 Circle Service PowerPoint Template

Four circle service PowerPoint template and keynote slides will cover all topic that have relevance in academic and business terms. The intersecting circles show the interrelationship and interconnections between the elements. The sequential flow process is ideal for linear presentation. the horizontal circle timeline diagram is useful to show the business development process and the business strategies plans, vision and mission agenda etc. this template can help you save hours of work for making a professional looking flow diagram, as the circle shaped sample models can use used for making process diagrams by simply adding text to existing slides or by customizing the circles shape by rearranging and recoloring them. The four circle PowerPoint template is a horizontal timeline layout. It is a simple timeline diagram template design of five circular segments. The users can demonstrate a process flow or the stages of a project. Or, create a timeline using the sequence of circular divisions under the process diagram PowerPoint.

The four circle service PowerPoint template outlines the task in circular divisions to meet company’s overall objectives. So the presenters can use this circular ppt diagram to display company history or the major milestones have achieved through over a period of time. The multi-functional template contains infographic icons that will support the presenter in a business presentation. for instance, the rocket icons symbolizes the startups or the sales-boosting strategies, the stacked coins represents financial management and briefcase represents business management concepts, while the globe represents the international trade or business extension.

Circle PowerPoint template is available in two backgrounds. The professional diagram shows the text placeholders in a straight look. Each placeholder is indicated by the thin dotted lines enables the users to easily distinguish the topic. Four Circle PowerPoint and keynote template is shaped with four circles which will help to show the services and products The template is designed in both PowerPoint and keynote version in 16:9(widescreen) and 4:3(Normal) Version.

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