• 4 Swoosh Arrow PowerPoint Template and Keynote
  • 4 Swoosh Arrow PowerPoint Template and Keynote
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4 Swoosh Arrow PowerPoint Template and Keynote

Create an impressive presentation with our four swoosh arrow PowerPoint infographics and keynote template. The unique swoosh arrow template can be used to show different aspects of business and academic theories. The users can download this arrow PowerPoint diagram for the presentation of business process, stages, vision and mission statements, agenda meeting and strategy, and the like. Users can use the surface of the arrow design to display key concepts of the business. Each tailed arrow pointing towards the same direction, this style creates an awesome shape in the center. If the presenter chooses a business strategy and plans for the next presentation, this arrow diagram can easily convey the messages without any confusion. The simple arrow template is also ideal for academic presentation, which covers the four elements of a particular theory.

4 Swoosh Arrow PowerPoint Infographics and Keynote template contain arrows as the main illustration. Each arrow is curved forming a semi-circle so that the entire arrowheads point to a common space in the middle of the slide. The arrowheads become more wide and broad at the head and thin and narrow at the tip, creating the shape of a bow. It comes in shades of green, blue, and orange along with an editable option to write the heading or title of the selected topic. Adjacent to each arrow is a big square text box wherein you can write a more detailed description of the topic of each arrow along with its heading.

The Four Swoosh Arrow PowerPoint template and Keynote template are available in white and black background and you may use to showcase the major facets, phases, divisions in a system, organization or company, classifications, departmental divisions, hierarchy and the like. The slide is very attractive and sure to make an impact during your presentations. The template designed in PowerPoint and keynote