• four exchange transactional leadership

Four exchanges of transactional leadership PowerPoint template represent four elements of transactional leadership theory, focusing on leader-oriented motivation to uplift the confidence of subordinates by giving righteous incentives to them. Here, a circular PowerPoint diagram shows four callouts imprinted with the four elements of transactional leadership. These four exchanges are contingent rewards, active management by exception, laissez-faire, and passive management by exception.

Transactional leadership involves motivating and guiding supporters primarily through appealing to their self-interest. The leader is certain of inspiring through a system of rewards and punishment. This theory states that the process by which a person interacts with others and can create a constant relationship that results in a high percentage of trust that will make a solid motivational aspect between leaders and followers. The PowerPoint circle template is designed for professional speakers who talk about the importance of behavioral changes to meet organizational success. So, business professionals and motivational speakers can download transactional leadership PowerPoint to present the core of transactional leadership theory.

Four exchanges of transactional leadership infographic template is an adjustable PowerPoint diagram that lets modification based on your selected topic. For example, the green leadership diagram with black background themes has text placeholders on circle pallets and plain surfaces. The users can use SmartArt metaphor icons which help to symbolize the topic in detail. Besides, the simple PowerPoint template will convey your messages without giving even little confusion to the audience.

Infographics for leadership theory presentation has been created to deliver four exchanges of transactional leadership template as it is a part of business management. However, psychologists, motivational speakers, and career consultants can use the leadership PowerPoint templates to teach the four exchanges of transactional leadership. As a flexible PowerPoint template, users can add any topic presentation on the 4 step PowerPoint template.