• leadership pipeline

The leadership pipeline model insists on identifying, developing, or recruiting the leaders in your organization. Leadership is one of the most discussed areas in human resource development. However, people believe that leadership qualities are inborn, not made. But behaviorist says that leadership can be attained if you give smart practices and training. Hence, a leader is necessary for organizations to achieve their desired goals. Sometimes, organizations have many managers but only have one potential leader. Every manager might not be a good leader. But every leader can easily become a good manager. So, choosing leaders is an arduous task for organizations. The leadership pipeline outlines how an organization could develop leaders.

The leadership pipeline model has distributed six levels of leadership. In the leadership pipeline you can see the six levels in the step diagram PowerPoint. these levels are.

  • Step:1 Managing self to managing others
  • Step:2 Managing others to leading managers
  • Step:3 Leading managers to functional mangers
  • Step:4 functional managers to business managers
  • Step:5 Business managers to group managers
  • Step:6 Group managers to enterprise managers

These six tiers of the leadership pipeline model are step-by-step development from a newcomer to the enterprise manager. The PowerPoint pipeline is an editable design that shows the sequential growth from the newcomer to the enterprise manager. Each step is arduous for the candidate because they are experiencing the ordeal of handling employees and even organization managers. Each state must develop new skills and talents to control the others. For example, the functional manager needs to improve their communication skills.

The leadership pipeline model PowerPoint template contains 7 slides with different background and design layout. As a common PowerPoint template, the users can create any presentation using this platform. For instance. The step diagram template with connected steps is perfect for showing business development process in a stage by stage sequence. Similarly, the next two template are perfect of showing connection or relationship between elements. like other PowerPoint template you can rearrange the sequence with upward arrow ppt designs.