• situational leadership chart

The situational Leadership Chart is a quadrant diagram that shows the four directive principal suits to lead your team. In contrast to trait theory and great man theory, situational leadership believes that leadership quality is not innate and the leadership changes according to the situation. Leadership theory undoubtedly says that the same leadership style cannot be applicable in all situations; depending upon the action situation or the context, the leadership style should be changed to meet group goals. Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey developed this theory. The situational leadership diagram emphasizes the deep study of the situations and decisions regarding “how to act most appropriately.”

The multi-colored PowerPoint situational leadership diagram shows the XY axis of the diagram. This axis indicates that situational leadership’s foundations rely on levels of directive behavior and supportive behavior—the four types of leadership shown on the arrow ppt arch diagram. Directing, Coaching, Supporting, and Delegating are the four styles that the leaders should adopt according to the situation.

  • S1: Based on Directions. after leaders’ observation on their followers, telling why, how, and when of the task should be completed. Directions follows high directive behavior and low supportive behavior.
  • S2: Based on Coaching. It is controlled direction, here leaders are open and let communication with one another to meet the goals. The chart shows high directive behavior and high supportive behavior.
  • S3: Based on Supporting. Leaders actively participating for opinion formation to meet project goals. Charts shows low behavior and high supportive behavior.
  • Based on Delegations. Leaders monitors and reviews the process. Chart shows low directive behavior and low supportive behavior.

The situational leadership chart for PowerPoint presentation is an editable diagram, so it allows any changes in features. However, a standardized diagram doesn't need to alter the content when you use situational leadership presentation. You can change the square ppt template's color, size, and background PowerPoint themes using customization options. You can also try out our leadership success profile template.