• Distracting Factors at Work Bar Chart PowerPoint Template
  • Distracting Factors at Work Bar Chart Template for PowerPoint

Distracting Factors at Work - Bar Chart PowerPoint Template

Distracting factors at work chart is created to announce the major distracting factors that affect the work efficiencies and productivity. It is a bar chart template arranged in an ordered sequence depicting the most significant distracting factor in the first and the other factors comes respectively. Each bar shapes represents data, which is costly, affects companies’ productivity and revenue. Studies shows nearly 70% of workers admit they feel distracted when they are on the job. This will become a serious issue when it affects company’s incremental growth. Some of the problem likely comes from the workspace itself, many companies doesn’t have private areas for employees. Employees are also chit chatting with their colleagues, and make office noises that may influence the productivity of the coworker. The infographic template for showing distracting elements in the workplace is a horizontal ppt template having multiple uses.

The linear process presentation comes in two slides with black and white background. Each bar chart objects colored differently for easy and serious learning. In the top of the bar, there is clipart icons that will symbolize the topic of the presentation if you manipulating into the presentation theme. In the bottom, you can see some headings that are the major elements of the work distraction. These elements are; chatty coworkers, Office noises, feeling overwhelmed by changes and work, meeting, and social media. The PowerPoint chart shows the maximum distraction occurs because of the Chatty coworkers, office noise stands next. In the 3rd position is distraction occurred by work changes, meeting and social media usages are comes in 4th and 5th position. Each infographic icon symbolically represents these topics or that are well-matched with the default presentation theme.

The editable distracting factors at work PowerPoint template is created for human resource managers. They can use this diagram to show the distracting elements and its solutions. The customizable PowerPoint allows any changes in PowerPoint features that will not affect the image quality or resolution.

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