Herzberg's Hygiene and Motivational Factors

Herzberg hygiene and motivational factors ppt template is a management tool describing the two factors of motivation surrounded in a working atmosphere. It tries to explain the correlating factors between employee motivation and workplace dissatisfaction. Herzberg PowerPoint template is ideal for business managers or executives to display the, how employees motivated in a working context. This PowerPoint template is perfect for human resource departments to enhance the efficiency and capability of an employee. The two opposite arrows and like and dislike image focus on the two opposing factors of job satisfaction and dissatisfaction among the employees. The Herzberg framework defines the two factors as Demotivators and motivators. Herzberg theory explains the practical way for boosting motivational factors.

Herzberg theory of motivation for PowerPoint presentation contains two slides that may show the inherent idea of the Herzberg model by these amazing images. This theory is also called dual-factory theory or two factor theory or the theory of intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation. These are the two type of motivation an individual will get from internally and externally. Some factors in a workplace can cause job satisfaction while some set of factors can cause dissatisfaction. Frederic Herzberg is an American psychologist who penned this theory in 1959. By conducting a survey research in a group of people at workplace, he asked their good and bad experiences at work. He concluded people job satisfaction depends on two kinds of factors. Factors of satisfaction that is motivators and satisfiers and factors of dissatisfaction that is hygiene and dissatisfiers’. Recognition, performance, responsibility, job status and opportunities are the motivators or satisfiers. Salary, relationship with co-workers, secondary working conditions, relationship between supervision and employee come under the second category list that is hygiene factors or dissatisfiers.

Herzberg hygiene motivation theory emphasizes these two factors aren’t polar opposites, the factors linked to employee motivation arise from the condition of job itself. This business PowerPoint template is just one of the business theory representations in the gallery. The users can download the theory templates and make rocking presentation before the audience.