• Autonomy Mastery Purpose Template

The Autonomy Mastery Purpose template is a loop intersection diagram showing Daniel Pink’s theory of Intrinsic motivation. As a psychology PowerPoint, you can use the SmartArt vector design to explain how you could boost employee productivity by enhancing their inner qualities and feelings. We all know the two types of motivation, extrinsic and intrinsic, are the base model of every inspiration we continually give to our students, employees, and relatives. This mode incentivizes people to act with confidence and interest. However, extrinsic motivation is the common way to increase productivity. By giving money, gifts, or other incentive model, people tend to do work more. But it will subside very soon after some days of the extrinsic booster. For example, when a company increases the salary of their employees, they will show work increase and brilliant performance after the implementation. But after some days, it will return to the previous stage as the extrinsic motivation comes down. So, psychologists have the opinion that when something comes out of self, it will give long-lasting performance. The Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose theory says intrinsic motivation will provide better results than extrinsic motivation.

The Autonomy Mastery Purpose is the three elements intrinsic motivation should try to implement in the workplace.

  • Autonomy: This is based on the inner drive theory or intrinsic motivation. When managers give freedom or autonomy in work, people will be motivated to do work faster than before. Autonomy support by managers helps employees provide meaningful outputs. This will give higher job satisfaction so as performance.
  • Mastery: If someone feels a sense of progress, their capabilities will be mounted by inner drives. If they think difficult in doing things, they will be frustrated and become worried. So, it will go smoothly when you feel you are the master of this work.
  • Purpose: You can perform well when you find the purpose of your work. This is one of the deepest motivations connecting to a cause than yourself. For example, if you invest money with a purpose, you will struggle to put more money.

The Dan Pink's autonomy mastery purpose template for PowerPoint presentation is a Venn diagram created with three circle loops. Intersecting charts are best for showing connections between the elements. The two-slide PowerPoint contains an attractive color combination of black and white ppt background.