• Employee Handbook PowerPoint Template

Employee Handbook PowerPoint Template

Do you try to design an employee handbook? Yes, you are not alone. However, PowerPoint designing is a time-consuming effort, it may take away your valuable time, so you may lag behind from your own responsibilities comparing your colleagues. An employee handbook template package is a document that communicates your company, mission, culture, policies, and objectives. It should present as a beautiful handbook, that’s why we are breaking down the process for you and offering 21 PowerPoint slides for your company profile PowerPoint presentation. This is a professional presentation pitch that includes an overall view of your company and its descriptions. An employee's hand is a guideline for employees given by the employers to clarify employees’ rights and responsibilities while they are worked with the company. Whether you are attempting to address an office culture issue or about the recommended behavior patterns, you must create an employee handbook or a manuscript for employees. Whatever you call them, employee handbooks are documents that all employees at a company should receive, often on their first day. You can access more free ppt templates & keynote templates here. Grab the free ppt now!

Employee handbook PowerPoint template is a creatively animated presentation slide ideal to show company profile or business profile. The clean, colorful, flat, cool, and flexible design describes this PowerPoint template. The slides are perfect for business, corporate, and personal use. In addition, the theme is also perfect for presenting the employee development cycle and the core values of your company. The business ppt presentation has all the elements of the slide design options in a winning pitch. Present the company profile and vision in style or illustrate norms and regulations that should follow by an employee as a loyal member of the business family. Hence, the slide options are ideal for displaying the unique history of your company and its culture.

What are the major ingredients of the employee handbook package?

  • Editable cover page with company name
  • Introduction slide to describe “what is employee handbook
  • Company description and history slide with a roadmap image and growth graphics
  • Company culture slide with a 4 section circle ppt
  • Company culture slide with a 5 section circular diagram
  • Company culture with a 6 section circle PowerPoint
  • Company policy slide for special focus on do’s and don’ts with directional arrow signboard design
  • Conduct policy slide with 6 section hexagon PowerPoint shapes
  • Attendance policy slide with a flat square box design
  • Attendance policy slide illustrating managers responsibility with a cartoon metaphor
  • Attendance policy slide for explaining, “What is good attendance”.
  • Company dress code policy slide for men
  • Company dress code policy slide for women
  • Employee benefit slide with special reference to compensation and benefit policy
  • Additional compensation presentation regarding compensation and benefits policy
  • Expense policy template for explaining expense policy elements
  • Expense policy slide for presenting travel expenses
  • Employee referral program slide
  • Employee termination slide for describing termination norms and policies
  • Employee resignation slide for demonstrating resignation laws and norms
  • The thank-you slide

All 21 slides for the employee handbook presentation deck are created with self-explanatory metaphors. This is one of the key highlights of the employee handbook package. Each every slide in the template is decorated with animated cartoon characters that ensure the audience's attention with wow! Further, all the PowerPoint templates have enough text areas arranged in a neat and easy-to-look layout. The customizable ppt template lets any kind of modification without damaging the image resolution. Easy to change color schemes only with few clicks. Download employee handbook ppt template for a mesmerizing PowerPoint presentation.