• affinity diagram

The 32 slides of affinity diagram PowerPoint templates are the best suited for presenting relationships. As the name suggests, affinity diagrams are fit to show the sequence of relationships or ideas in an organized layout. So, normally affinity diagrams are created as flowchart templates showing process development in their natural relationship. Affinity diagrams could be used to generate structured and combined information in connection to a product, process, problem, or complex issue. When you have created ideas, then group them according to their affinity. In this sense, affinity diagram PowerPoint presentation is an alternative to brainstorming PowerPoint templates or mind mapping PowerPoint diagrams.

Affinity diagram PowerPoint template will ease your process ppt presentation along with a large combination of multiple PowerPoint diagrams. It includes heading title, flowchart, org chart, tables, columns, calculator design template, process flowchart, customer experience flow diagrams, work breakdown structure, UX design PowerPoint, flower charts, generic slides, and more informative diagrams for PowerPoint presentation. Affinity diagrams are useful for combining many facts or ideas in conflicts or when group unity is necessary. Besides, if you want to collect and organize large data sets, it will be a precise and valuable design. After all, it is an ideal one for creating rapport or themes among ideas.

The affinity diagram PowerPoint is created with many different designs, including square section slides and post-it note presentation designs. In addition, all the templates are colored with attractive combinations that make the audience's attention as you desire.

This is a scientific chart PowerPoint for data presentation or presenting relationships among ideas and processes according to your subject. Like any other PowerPoint designs, these 32 slides for process presentation are also suited to adjustment and alterations. So, you can make changes in each component both structurally and functionally. Download affinity PowerPoint diagram in Mac keynote if you are using Apple.