• Bowman's Strategy Clock PowerPoint Diagram
  • Bowman's Strategy Clock PowerPoint Diagram
  • Bowman Strategy Clock
  • Bowman Strategy Clock PowerPoint
  • Bowman Strategy Clock Power Keynote template
  • Bowman Strategy Clock template
  • Bowman Strategy template
  • Bowman Strategy Clock
  • Bowman Strategy Clock Keynote
  • Bowman Strategy Clock PowerPoint template

Bowman's Strategy Clock PowerPoint Diagram

Strategy is something that is easy to take for approved in business. A product or service needs an overall strategy to ensure success. Business enterprises without a plan jeopardizing the risk of failure. BOWMAN'S STRATEGY CLOCK POWERPOINT DIAGRAM is a professional template featuring the popular strategy techniques of Bowman strategy clock. It is generally used in marketing to categorize and explain the competitive position of business or organization. The idea is propounded by Cliff Bowman, as an evaluative interpretation of Porter's five forces; it has competitive advantages related to cost advantages or differentiation. Bowman's Strategy Clock comprises eight strategies which are shaped as a clock with Cartesian axis. The competitive strategies are:
1. Differentiation
2. Focused differentiation
3. Increased price/standard product
4. Increased price/low values
5. Low values/standard price
6. Low price and low values
7. Low cost
8. Hybrid
With related to Bowman strategy, an organization can analyze and identify which approach is more suited to their domain. For example. Increased price / standard product; most business will find this is to be perhaps the most difficult on the clock to occupy. With this strategy, if you are merely going to increase the price without change quality of your product. Risky, you could find a decline in the form of more considerable profit margin, or you could see your sales numbers quickly slipping down while you hurry to lower price once again. BOWMAN'S STRATEGY CLOCK POWERPOINT TEMPLATE AND KEYNOTE slide can be used to assess your competitors, evaluate and analyze competitive position of your company.
The template is fully customizable and designed for both PowerPoint and Keynote software in light and dark backgrounds in standard and widescreen aspect ratios. Allows adequate space for your texts and comments create professional competitive strategy analysis and ensure maximum attention with an individual projection of each strategy.

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