• Strategy-and-Tactics-of-Pricing-Template-for-PowerPoint
  • Strategy-and-Tactics-of-Pricing-Template-for-PPT
  • Strategy-and-Tactics-of-Pricing-Template-for-PowerPoint-Pricing
  • Strategy-and-Tactics-of-Pricing-Template-for-PPT-Pricing
  • Strategy-and-Tactics-of-Pricing-Template-for-PowerPoint-Graph
  • Strategy-and-Tactics-of-Pricing-Template-for-PPT-Graph

Strategy and Tactics of Pricing PowerPoint Template

The circle PowerPoint template for strategy and tactics of pricing presentation covers ten elements of pricing strategy. The simple circular diagram is an introduction slide for your strategy and tactics of pricing PowerPoint presentation. Pricing tactics is a way of finding a competitive price of a product or a service. This strategy is integrated with the other marketing strategies such as 4ps of marketing (products, price, place and promotion) competition, economic patterns, market demand and finally product features. The pricing tactics comprises one of the key ingredients of the marketing mix as it is emphasized on generating and increasing the revenue of the organization, which ultimately becomes profit making for the company. In nutshell, a pricing strategy refers to all of the various methods that companies and businesses use to price their goods or services. this is an encircling concept that touches the each and every area a marketing management and financial management such as market conditions, account segments, trade margins, input costs, competitors market position and action, consumers ability to pay, variable costs and product and distribution cost.

By using the pricing strategy PowerPoint template, the presenters can demonstrate 10 different pricing tactics of your company, or the presenter can educate the people, “what is pricing strategy and what are the key components of pricing tactics. This circle ppt slide contains 10 different strategies for pricing that you should consider for your product pricing. This is a best marketing presentation template that includes the ten stunning concepts of pricing tactics. These are:


  1. Optional pricing
  2. Premium pricing
  3. Bundle pricing
  4. Penetration Pricing Strategy
  5. Skimming pricing
  6. Competition pricing
  7. Product line pricing
  8. Psychological pricing
  9. Cost-plus pricing and
  • Cost based pricing

All these important elements are used to lift up your sales volumes and brand awareness. Pricing tactics not only used for increasing profits, it is a marketing strategy to penetrate in to the competitive market. For instance, penetration pricing often make loss for your business, because you try to attract buyers by offering lower prices.

The editable strategy and tactics PowerPoint template allow customization by using PowerPoint options. The two slide template contains infographic icons that can also changeable according to your topic and concept. Also, check out this razor and blade template.

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