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Download UNIQ free fundraising PowerPoint template with 11 slide business presentation which is created with mesmerizing, animated illustration will add more spice for your investment presentation. These free unique slides will help to deliver company introduction presentation in style. The template contains graphical illustrations in animated dimension creating eye-catching visuals for your startup presentation. The cartoon ppt template is comprised graphs, charts, timelines, circle diagrams, roadmap, icons, and textual banners helps the user to create an investment presentation with a key focus on fundraising targets. Each template in the diagram is designed with bubble or balloon graphics and other attractive PowerPoint shapes will make your message easily understand and lets the audience inching out from the confusion. You can give a stunning story telling presentation using the animated characters and with the various PowerPoint designs. Like book review, illustrating past events in a photo album, balloon sellers in a street, as smartphone users, all the caricatures in the diagram are UNIQ slides for free Google slide theme presentation. You can access more ppt template & Business PowerPoint Templates here Grab the free ppt now!

This is an exceptional free PowerPoint slide because it created for professional business presentation. Some people think, if something is given as free, it doesn’t have any quality. But this unique and free business PowerPoint doesn’t falls into those categories. Our professional designers and research department is always looking for quality PowerPoint template that should match exclusive business keynote presentation. This animated PowerPoint graphics contains all the key business introduction topics include about, history, roadmap, services, growth scenario and the like.

The cover page of the free pitch deck template is a classical metaphor for presenting company profile. So, this can used as a free company profile presentation template to display your companies' accomplishments and business model. This cover slide is showing cylinder bar charts, balloons, plants, leaves and a paper plane is an indication of the narrative of the entire design. Next to this cover slide, you can present your company introduction using the “who we are slide”. Each and every slide in the presentation is integrated with similar color pallets ensures the harmony of your presentation themes. Agenda slide, and what we do template is a typical example for how cartoons can integrate in style to a PowerPoint design.

This free PowerPoint template can be used to represent various business plans, proposals, and reports apart from company introduction. The customizable options and abundance of text placeholders offers a stunning PowerPoint presentation regardless of the topic you have. It is a simple and editable PowerPoint that focuses on transmitting message of different topics.