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Annual Report Ppt Template

Are you looking for a complete presentation deck for summarize your companies previous year performance? Then the single platform of annual report Ppt template deck could be an ideal PowerPoint to brief your company’s annual performance. An annual report is a detailed report of organizations activities along the previous year. It aims to provide a set of information to stakeholders and shareholder about the organizations activities such as sales and finance performance. Annual reports are business review reports, which give a detailed look on organizations last year performance and thereby the company staffs and stakeholders can suggest new intakes which may influence the organizations growth and developments. Without annual reports no company can change their strategies and plans. Many organizations are required to deliver and disclose annual reports as part of the regulatory framework. One example is all the public corporations (companies under the stock exchange). Some organizations are even obligatory to deliver reports more frequently (for example, every quarter).

The annual report Ppt template contains 20 different slides to expose the company performance last year. The abundance of text zones are one of the key highlight of the template. The presenters can provide a complete report using these text zones. The template is mainly focused on written statements than oral repots. The annual report ppt slide offers a comprehensive set of templates designed to walk through the annual report during presentation on board meeting. The main features are:

  • Cover slide: decorated with original photograph of leaves
  • Index slide: include the complete sections going to be discussed. The presenter can summarize their main topics that will provide a glimpse on which topics are going to discussed.
  • About CEO slide: normally, CEO’s are introducing annual reports, so the slide will helps provide CEO message before the report execution.
  • Vision and strength: Traditional Strategy statements that drive the organization’s plans and actions.
  • 2 column text slide: the annual report should be summarized in two columns, generally the organizations missions and visions.
  • Product usage chart: brief descriptions of organizations main services and its outcomes with statistics.
  • Team slide: Present the team responsible for the execution.
  • Revenue across the world template: present company reach and the revenue from the different parts of globe.
  • Sales table PowerPoint: present companies overall sales including domestic and global.
  • Sales chart slide: show companies sales variation through graphical illustrations.
  • 4 column texts: detail why sales and revenue going through an unpredictable manner.
  • Customer feedback slide: provide a glimpse on companies CRM strategies.
  • product timeline: present companies evolutionary development
  • annual report section slide: for brief description of tables and financial performance
  • services: product/service descriptions
  • yearly sales report: show your annual sales through chart show
  • Target achievement slide: Generally describes the company objectives and the achieved targets.
  • Product comparison chart ppt template: for competitive analysis through comparison.
  • Product performance chart: showcasing performance over the nearest competitor.
  • thank you slide

All the images are 100% editable; the user can adjust the presentation theme to its own colors and backgrounds, and the template will automatically react, updating all slides. All figures and icons are created as

This is a professional annual report PowerPoint template, which will surely impress your stakeholders and staffs.

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