• Annual Report PowerPoint Template and Keynote
  • Corporate Annual Report Powerpoint and Keynote template

Create visually impressive, professional annual report slides with this annual report template for PowerPoint and Keynote. This template comes with 19 slides, each of them designed to serve a specific purpose. The slides contain profile slides, timelines, bar graphs, line graphs, clustered bar graphs, comparison charts, sales charts, and more.

Here are some of the slides you’ll get with this template:

  • Message from CEO slide: A slide for any message that the CEO, managers, or team leads wish to convey.
  • Service slide: This slide can be used to talk about the service/product that your company offers.
  • Meet Our Team slide: A slide that briefly introduces the team.
  • Team Members slide: A slide that introduces some of the team members. There’s space to add their photos, names, designation, social media links, etc.
  • Performance History slide: This slide can be used to showcase the annual performance for the previous years.
  • Product Report slide: This slide can be used to discuss performance during a specific year.
  • Product Timeline slide: A customizable timeline template to show the timeline of your product.
  • Target Achievement slide: Can be used to discuss targets and milestones.
  • Product Usage Chart: Can be used to show stats on product usage, demographics, etc.
  • Sales Table: A simple table to show sales performance.
  • Revenue Across the World: To show revenue generated in different parts of the world.
  • How We are Changing slide: A generic slide to go in-depth into performance stats from each country.
  • Annual Report Section: To give a summary of the annual report.
  • Yearly Sales Report: Bar charts to show the growth in performance and sales year to year.
  • Sales Chart: Can be used to discuss sales performance.
  • Yearly Revenue Chart: Can be used to show the revenue of current and previous years.
  • Product Performance Chart: To discuss how well the product is doing.
  • Product Comparison Charts: Used to compare the performance of different products.
  • Customer Feedback and Rating slide: This slide can be used to showcase reviews from customers.

This template is great for:

  • Shareholder meetings
  • Board of directors’ meetings
  • CEO presentations
  • Financial performance reviews
  • Future outlook presentations
  • Company strategy meetings
  • Market analysis presentations
  • Stakeholder engagement presentations
  • Earnings call
  • Investor Q&A sessions and more.

Use this PowerPoint template to present financial statements, earnings, income statements, business performance, company overviews, investment opportunities, corporate governance, etc.

Please Note: The Stock photos are not included in the download file.

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