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  • Corporate Annual Report Powerpoint and Keynote template

Annual Report PowerPoint Template

Our annual report PowerPoint template and keynote is a combination of multi-purpose slides that may be useful to present the sales and overall performances with graphical and statistical aids. The annual report is an overall analyzed report of a company’s activities. It is a comprehensive study report on organizations activities along the previous year. The intention of the annual reports is to provide shareholders and stakeholders with a set of information about the company’s activities and financial performance. The business presentation deck includes profile slides, timeline, bar graphs, line graphs, clustered bar graphs, comparison charts, sales charts and many more.

With the help of an annual report PowerPoint template and Keynote, you can transform the text-heavy quarterly and annual reports into visually engaging reports for your audience. When you use more graphics, charts, illustrations, and icons the chance of engagement and comprehension improves. Whether your audience read the report line by line or just scan it, they are surely going to get more from this visual rich report. The visual language of your brand helps you to connect with the audience properly. The time has changed now nobody wants to read the lengthy written text reports, so many of the organizations are abandoning the traditional written annual report PowerPoint template and shifting to infographics that convey the relevant information in a unique and impactful way.

Infographics are used to illustrate data points, and you can also communicate the story which highlights the success of your organization. The template has six slides including the cover page, the message from the CEO, about services, about team members, year-wise performance, target achievement, product timeline, yearly sale report, yearly revenue chart, penetration, product performance, product usage, etc. When you include these infographics in your annual or quarterly report, it will become more attractive and engaging. All the slides available in the annual report PowerPoint template are 100% editable so you can customize the slides according to your requirement.

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