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Sales Report PowerPoint Template

You can produce your sales reports and statistical data using a sales report PowerPoint template. This sales report performance dashboard is created with data charts and graphs suitable for presenting your KPIs with easily understanding visual aids. This includes multiple bar charts and graphs, which enable you to present your company's performance with an engaging tone. There are graphical presentations of yearly sales, productivity, revenue, and profit. It is the most suitable method of displaying quantitative data on a single platform. That is, the dashboard template enables users to summarize multiple statistics in one slideshow. As a part of the annual sales report, the simple dashboard presentation helps users to display various KPIs. Though its sales dashboard, you can use this template for multiple presentations, for example, company profile presentation and company history can be displayed here because the designers structure this design to support company development presentation as well. You can access more Sales PowerPoint Templates & free professional ppt templates here. Grab the free ppt now!

The sales report ppt template is a 5 slide presentation containing different graphical objects and themes. It includes sales performance report slide, our mission, and vision statement template, table of contents, key business highlights slide, company achievements and milestone timeline, revenue split by product, revenue chart, cash flow statement KPIs table, area chart slide, and a thank you slide in the end. The single diagram for sales presentation is a perfect slide for showing company growth and revenue allocations. The users can use the timeline and other infographics which will suit their annual report presentation. Besides, major achievements and milestones can be displayed using timeline graphics.

The sales performance report dashboard is an easy-to-edit template of data-driven charts. This sales PowerPoint will automatically adjust the design according to change in quantitative values. Therefore, the users can edit numeric and formulas in a spreadsheet insert to chart and update its graphics. Further, this is a custom layout with editable text placeholders and shapes to present information and messages. All the slides are designed with a white background, which enables your audience, identify data without vagueness.