• Sales Playbook PowerPoint Template
  • Sales Playbook PowerPoint Templates

Take your sales presentations to the next level with this sales playbook slide template for PowerPoint. You can use this slide to strategize different elements of your sales plan, including what to know, do, say and show. Having a sales playbook ensures that all members of your sales team use the same techniques, which can help bring the best results.

When a salesman or members of a sales team has a sales playbook ready, they are better equipped to engage potential buyers with tailored solutions. This makes them more likely to be able to close a deal. You can use this slide template to plan and share effective sales tactics and knowledge with your entire team.

This simple presentation template has light and dark themes that can be easily modified. The slide is split into 2 sections where you can add your own content. It features 4 sections, under which you can write your strategies on what the salespeople on your team must know, do, say, and show. There’s space on the left side as well, where you can also summarize your strategy and include important points.

This template has been designed to include the most information on a single slide, which can help shorten your sales presentation and also help convey your ideas more effectively. The graphics used for the 4 subheadings help guide the audience’s eyes to the important points, making your presentation even more effective.

Why use this template?

Easy to customize.
Share your sales strategy in a single slide to save time!
Graphics that help convey your information effectively.

To get started, download the template, and open it using the presentation software of your choice (PowerPoint works best). You can edit the template to suit your branding and create the perfect sales playbook slide!