• sales dashboard PowerPoint template and keynote

Sales Dashboard PowerPoint Template

Sales Dashboard PowerPoint Template and Keynote is suitable for wide-ranging analysis models, and its design is shaped in high definition visual graphics. Any alteration will not have any effect on image resolution. Business professionals, market analysts, researchers and the other professionals who have better knowledge in statistics and its applications can easily use this sales dashboard PowerPoint template. Project managers and other high executives can download our project management dashboard PowerPoint and keynote template to monitor project status and development.

Sales Dashboard PowerPoint Template and Keynote is perfect to display the sale of a single product or multiple products for a given time frame. You can quickly analyze the sales trend of products with the help of this template. There are two templates in the Sales Dashboard PowerPoint template and Keynote. In the first template, there are line charts and bar charts. In the line chart, you can represent the sale of different products on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. In bar chat also you can represent the sale of various products and analyze them. These templates will give you a clear picture of the sale trends of different products. You can even have an idea how much your sale is increasing or decreasing. So that it becomes very easy to understand the trends of sale and you will be able to act accordingly. The second graph also has line, bar and circular charts where you can represent the sale of different products and analyze the trend of various products on a yearly basis. In the circular charts, you can represent the total sale vs. sale of a particular product. It will give you an idea how much a particular product is contributing to the total sale.

You can easily customize the Sales Dashboard template according to your needs. If you are a manager and planning to give a presentation in front of your seniors or juniors, this template is surely going to impress your audience.

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