• Project Management Dashboard PowerPoint Template

Project Management Dashboard Powerpoint Template and Keynote Template

PROJECT MANAGEMENT DASHBOARD POWERPOINT TEMPLATE is a powerpoint and keynote presentation design that can help to monitor the exact status of an ongoing project. A valuable tool for project managers, proprietors, and team leaders. Within a short time span, it can display project reports, current tasks, on-hold projects, completion status or percentage of work done and other necessary information. Project management dashboard conveys an overall summary of the project that is crucial for its progress. This may include stages, status, workload, financial allocation for employees, project launch date, etc. The template comprises four unique slides that support the project manager to summarize the development of an ongoing project. A presenter can use these four distinct slides to show project status. The dashboard contains; bar chart, donut chart, Gantt chart and linear arrow diagram, which will show the duration and completion of each activity. On an operational level, it may be useful as an application which will show weekly and monthly progress because the user can customize the figure and data more conveniently. The project management dashboard PowerPoint template is ultimately perfect for corporate, and team presentation that emphasizes time management and risk management.

The Project Management Dashboard Powerpoint Template uses a beautiful theme to present with each of its slides designed in a perfect way using the best color combinations and neat dashboard features. Each slide in this template gives a different view. The first slide represents a set of four graphical representations that includes a project process bar chart, a project expenditure pie chart, a monthly sales bar graph, and a monthly sales line graph. The second slide represents a table infographic containing the monthly sales data along with a bar graph which displays the project financing. The third slide represents the project management Gantt chart that shows the different stages of the project and also narrates the time taken to complete each of those project stage and total project completion time. And, the last slide that has used an arrow chart that represents the timeline infographics of each step covered in the project management. All this together make up a perfect template for a project management dashboard along with which you can make easy customizations according to your convenience.