• Project Intake Process Template PowerPoint
  • Project Intake Process ppt Template

Project Intake Process Template is a simple PowerPoint diagram in poster presenter model layouts. This template fits timelines and planning presentations with an easily digestible PowerPoint design. The presenters can display the project process and its multi-segments using five-column charts. Each column in the template has connections shown by a dotted arrow PPT line. It allows you to depict major phases and milestones of a project management process. The project intake process template is the bridge between a group of businesses where stakeholders decide what to work on. Moreover, the project intake process is a series of steps to accept or reject proposals and clients. The project intake process PowerPoint allows you to present starting formalities of a project.

The project intake process template for PowerPoint presentations offers timeline and roadmap designs for project management presentations. Each box is connected, and the numbers indicate the phases. Text boxes have frames in different colors, such as red, green, light green, blue and yellow. The five-stage presentation template can be used for any presentation since it has a common PowerPoint design. In addition, the one-pager template in two background colors allows you to change color, size, and shape without losing image quality and resolution. Download common PowerPoint templates now!