• One Pager Project Status PowerPoint Template
  • One Pager Project Status PowerPoint Templates

One pager project status template is a report presentation chart for powerpoint. It is worth presenting the project's progress within a specific period with essential features like the work that has been completed, the plan for what will follow, a list of action items, project budget allocation, schedule, benefits, and any issues and risks related to a project. The project status ppt template is a table column layout with many subtitles and contents. This will help decision-makers to make further decisions about project completion with quality actions. The grid design and separate columns display key reporting elements in an organized structure. Whenever you want to monitor project progress, you can use the comprehensive project status report to share ongoing project status.

Project status one pager powerpoint helps teams and project managers to visualize tasks through clean and neat graphics. The segmented columns show different activities of a project with an easily comprehensive structure. In the top layer, there are two columns. One is created to display the project name with the status date, project manager, and project summary. When you come to the next layer, you can see the project’s ongoing status with RAG (red, amber/yellow, green). This is designed with arrow waterfall model fished works, in-progress work, and pending work. These two layers will give live updates on project status with easy comprehension.

The project status template for PowerPoint presentations has two more layers. The middle section demonstrates the crucial element of the project, i.e., schedule, budget, and benefits. In the last section, you can insert the task, status, owner, and due date. This will provide a complete picture of the project for team members. The one-pager ppt template has an awesome color tone mix in a duo combination. It gives a different feel in both black and white backgrounds. Download professional one-pager project status slide for business presentations.