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  • sprint planning ppt template

The sprint planning template help recognizes important features of the product by arranging the backlogs and user stories. It is a Scrum framework where the team determines the product backlog items during sprint discussion. In sprint planning, the product owner ensures that participants are prepared to brainstorm the most important product backlog items and how they draw to the product goals. It is a process of increasing product value and utility. The Scrum team will define the sprint goal in the process. The goal will be prioritized before the end of the Sprint planning. This approach will give a better opportunity to make a consensus between stakeholders and product owners. It decides the overall strategic objective for the next sprint.

Sprint planning template for powerpoint presentation will meet your project management presentation in style. The template contains two different designs. In the first one, you can insert five topics of sprint planning as its basics: product backlog, current sprint backlog, underdevelopment, in test, and done. The individual board presentation templates show these five important aspects of sprint planning. Each board on the slide is displayed in various color combinations, such as green, red, yellow, violet, and blue. The presenters or the product owner can visualize sprint planning with detailed texts. They can provide seven agile Scrum methodologies while using the second template. This arrow roadmap model design resembles a Gantt chart with the topic representing columns and arrows. Here, the five-week calendar for sprint planning is being unveiled. It shows five phases of project management, i.e., identifying key stakeholders from the project team, story workshop, planning, execution, implementation, and retrospective. Besides, the detailed text columns on the right-hand side let you insert details of the panning.

The sprint planning template is an editable powerpoint and keynote that lets the presenter provide a special note on sprint planning. Download the sprint powerpoint template now!