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Sprint retrospective PowerPoint template is a column slide presentation that presents the 4Ls method used in agile and scrum development methodologies. The column charts are brainstorming tools tridiagonal used for sprint review meetings. A sprint retrospective is a discussion held after a sprint review but before the start of the next sprint. It will enable team members' collaboration efforts as an opportunity to reflect on their ideas. These ideas provide future insights based on experience. So, the agile scrum team members apply insights to the next sprint. In the sprint retrospective, the entire team members – the scrum master, developers, and the product owner come together to look back on and evaluate the sprint they just finished. It allows the team to exchange their thoughts and insights with improvement plans.

Sprint retrospective template for powerpoint presentation aid shows how all team members collaborate in a scrum platform. Sprint retrospectives allow people to communicate with each other by bringing a new vision for their project development. It is part of continuous improvement that has been deemed the core goal of scrum product management. So, continuous improvement necessitates ongoing efforts. At this point, the agile scrum team continuously employs the lesson studied from the retrospective for the next sprint planning. The business template display four Ls that signify Liked – what did the team like? Learned – what did the team learn? Lacked – what did the team lack? Longed for – what did the team long for? When the Scrum team identifies answers to these questions, they can take development plans if required.

The sprint retrospective template powerpoint has six asymmetrical columns that display 4Ls of the sprint retrospection with different color combinations. However, four boxes are in the same alignment and size. The presenters can show the sprint questions on the board and their answers on the bullet point slide designs. You can make modifications if needed. The changes won’t damage image resolutions and aspect ratio. Download the sprint retrospective template now!