• Agile PowerPoint Process Lifecycle Diagram

Agile Lifecycle PowerPoint Diagram

Agile lifecycle diagram for PowerPoint presentation is created for IT professionals to show the agile methodology through simple graphical representations. Agile methodology is a practice that set off continues iteration of development and analyzing throughout the software development lifecycle of the project. Development and testing activities are synchronized unlike the waterfall model. Agile method aims incremental and iterative approach to software design. It is broken into individual models that designers work on. There are several methodologies that can be used to manage an agile project; two of them are Scrum and Lean. Agile methodology starts work with a rough and random idea of what is required and by delivering something in a short period of time, clarifies the requirements as the project progresses.

The agile life cycle PowerPoint template is a circle layout shows agile process with its prominent concepts. The segmented cycle diagram uses multicolor combination to illustrate the methods, and the outer callout designs shows the start and integration of the process with its sub-elements. Main process flows are illustrated with the help of chevron arrow PowerPoint designs as a recurring process flow sequence. Agile project management contains design and development plans such as sprint, sprint backing, product owner, product, release planning, sprint planning, sprint execution and visibility and insight. It shows the Scrum methodology using a simple process flow diagram.

Agile ppt PowerPoint presentation appears as a neat and clean design layout that will enables the user to hold the audience attention with technical lecturing. The life cycle process diagram of agile methodology is significant in software development because the software industry is experiencing instant changes, so it needs a precise project management methodology to meet the changing requirements of customers. This editable agile process methodology template will meet your objectives without confusing your learners. Download more project life cycle PowerPoint template within seconds.