• Crossing the Chasm: Technology adoption lifecycle

Crossing the chasm template for PowerPoint presentation is a marketing slide defining how to cross the gap when reaching a sales plateau. Geoffrey A. Moore, in his book “Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers”, is picturing the problems faced by product managers and entrepreneurs. He put forward a new plan for high-tech industries. He is on the view that the fundamental issues product managers and entrepreneurs confront when trying to cross the Chasm is the fact that while early adopters are fine with unfinished features and early-stage technologies in general, the early majority is logical and will only accept the product once it solves a current problem they challenge.

Crossing the chasm PowerPoint template is an area chart design showing up and downs of land. This land image features a gap in between. There is a big Chasm lying down between the early market and the mainstream market. Before the Chasm, the buyers were risky buyers, people not scared of trying new things, while after the Chasm lays the mass markets that need highly recognized and proven track technology to consume. Moore outlines the challenges required to take innovative, new, high-tech products into the mainstream markets. This slide can be used to showcase the challenges of market adoption and how to overcome them.

Crossing the chasm ppt covers what action a company need to take for market adoption and innovation. In addition, you can search for different types of marketing PowerPoint templates that are open to customization.