• RAD Slide PowerPoint Template
  • RAD Slide PowerPoint Templates

RAD slide PowerPoint Template presents rapid application development methodology with the editable One Pager template. RAD is an agile project management strategy used for fast project turnaround. It is popular in software development for creating software at a fast pace. Rapid application development focuses on minimizing the planning stage and fastening prototype development. By cutting planning time and highlighting prototype iterations, RAD lets project managers and stakeholders precisely evaluate progress and communicate on growing issues or changes in real time. This results in faster development, greater competency, and effective communication. The presenters can use the RAD template to display the five steps of agile project development. RAD allows large projects into smaller ones with actionable tasks.

The RAD slide for PowerPoint presentations is specially created for Software development classes. The slide shows five steps of RAD instead of the basic four steps. These include business modeling, data modeling, process modeling, application generation, and testing & turnover. The presenters can incorporate four steps model by deleting a callout design. The basic steps of RAD are requirement planning, user design, rapid construction, and cutover. However, the components in the diagram can use for an in-depth presentation about the RAD model using the five concepts. This model can use when the system should need to create a project that modularizes within a short period.

The One Pager PowerPoint RAD Template has two background colors. The black and white ppt template features a simple waterfall model powerpoint to depict rapid application development methodology. The capsule design callout has circles to show numbers. You can change the numbers if you want to insert PowerPoint clipart infographics. Besides, the color button in yellow, red, green, violet, and blue can be replaced by gradient effect color codes. Presenters can edit this ppt for any situation. This is a simple PowerPoint design for business presentations.