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Sprint retrospective powerpoint template presents four Ls of agile and Scrum methodologies in detailed view. The sprint retrospective is a method to bring scrum teams together and plan the best ways to improve project quality and effectiveness regarding people, processes, interactions, tools, and person’s definition. It is a meeting held at the sprint where teams complete tasks within the deadline. The sprint retrospective takes place after every review before the next sprint planning. There are various approaches available for sprint reviews. Glad – Sad- Mad, Sailboat, Start – Stop continue are a few among them. However, this sprint retrospective template offers 4 Ls view; Liked – Learned- Lacked, and Longed for. The simple timeline template with colorful poster presentation notes was perfectly created to display Sprint retrospective in scrum methodologies.

The sprint retrospective template for the powerpoint presentation allows the display of what went well and what went wrong. It is part of continuous improvement, considered the core goal of scrum product management. So, iterative improvement requires continuous efforts. At this point, the agile scrum team continuously applies the lesson learned from the retrospective for the next sprint planning. The business template display four Ls that signify Liked – what did the team like? Learned – what did the team learn? Lacked – what did the team lack? Longed for – what did the team long for? When the Scrum team identifies answers to these questions, they can take improvement plans if needed.

The sprint retrospective template has two slides on black and white background. It is created board presentation design in yellow, green, blue, and sky-blue colors. It allows providing a heading and its details in a bullet point document layout. Besides, the date and remarks can be marked on the bottom line of the sprint template. The presenters can resize, rearrange, and reshape the format if they need a different look. Use alternative design scrum powerpoint template and keynote diagram for project management presentations.