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The sprint review template is a board presentation model that helps the Scrum team present their work results to key stakeholders, and progress toward the product goal is discussed. A sprint review resembles a sprint retrospective that inspects the outcome of the Sprint and determines future versions. So, the sprint review powerpoint template will show what was achieved in the Sprint and what has been altered in their setting. Based on this analysis, the participant will get a consensus on what to do next. Often, the product backlog may also be modified to meet new opportunities. Stakeholders can choose what they want to see and discuss with their teams. During this meeting, stakeholders can suggest what more changes are required in the product. Then, all the attendees collaborate and decide what measures should be taken to get maximum value.

The sprint review template for powerpoint presentation helps show the techniques to take for a sprint review meeting. The product owner discusses the product backlog, project target, and delivery date. During this discussion, the stakeholders can suggest adjustments if needed. A sprint review helps in designing upcoming sprint planning. It gives an overview of what has been done and what has lacked. A sprint review is just before the sprint retrospective. It takes a maximum of 4 hours for a monthly sprint.

The sprint review powerpoint template has four slides in two design variations. The first design contains rectangle and square shape powerpoint boxes with subheadings. These subtitles are frequency, duration, inputs, outputs, and obstacles. Among the four boxes out of three are ornamented with colored infographic metaphors. However, the second is a poster ppt design that helps a quick view of sprint status. It contains a big box and comparatively small vertical text placeholders. In addition, the powerpoint sprint has blue shades with icons. Download the sprint review template now!