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The sprint status template for powerpoint delineates the overall progress of the sprint at the task level. It displays the visual status of the sprint endeavours and the task breakdown, acceptance, and completion. It is the best powerpoint chart design for Scrum masters and product owners looking for a perfect table PPT to show the team's status without interrupting their workflow. This report presentation worksheet design can also be a tool during the daily checkups or sprint review meetings as a visual tool. A status report reflects a comfort level with past insufficient practices, which helps understand wrong judgments involved in the status. Each row of the status template comprised five columns on the first slide and six columns on the second slide.

The agile status powerpoint template contains two designs of a worksheet model. In the first design, the tables and rows are filled with various color combinations. It displays project status with symbolic icons on the top. This template has five columns and seven rows with the heading of sprint 1, planned days, spent days, status, and remaining days. The planned days, spent days, and full and exhausting battery charges metaphorically show the remaining days. Besides, the simple layout enables an easy understanding of the sprint status. For example, the specimen powerpoint shows the webpage design status. Suppose your planned days are 50, and your spent days are 21; status marks are good. And you get 30 remaining days. On the other hand, if the scheduled days are 70 and the spent days are 80, your sprint status will be bad. This sprint status ppt is best for simple project status slideshows.

The second slide of the agile status template powerpoint has more columns and rows compared to the first slide. You can show sprint 1, sprint 2, and sprint 3 simultaneously using the project status report presentation. Additionally, the slide has animated cartoon designs on the left-hand slide. Download the sprint status template and provide a full-fledged view of your project status.