• one page marketing status report
  • one page marketing status template

The marketing status template visualizes a dashboard of marketing metrics to make informed decisions. It has statistics presentation data charts to monitor the progress of a business and marketing. The report presentation template is an ideal option for marketing managers, planners, and other business professionals to trace the activities of marketing efforts. The one-pager marketing status presentation contains two types of data-driven charts. One is a bar chart, and the other is an area chart. Bar charts are an ideal tool for presenting segments of information. It helps understand the relationship between two or more variables. Here, the powerpoint bar chart has three distinct variables having different values. It helps categorize data sets into four categories. The green, sky blue, and blue bars display three groups in comparison.

The second powerpoint chart in the dashboard presentation is an area chart. It helps showcase a time-series relationship and conveys total amounts over time. It is also tinted with the same combination of blue, green, and sky blue. The graph legends on the bottom line will support reporting value. Users can change the default colors, title names, or the charts' placement within the graphical dashboard. It is beneficial for any presentation that showcases statistics with the bar chart and area graph.

One pager marketing status template for powerpoint presentation enables a summarized view of the analytical reports. The powerpoint marketing slide finally lets the audience compare statistics and make a quick analysis based on the projected data. The users can use this dashboard status to aggregate the most important marketing performance indicators relevant to internet digital campaigns. The visual themes and the vector illustration are created with awesome background designs that offer an easy understanding of the metrics you have given. The users can freely edit their data and adjust the graphics to fit the purpose. Try a variety of one-pager reports now!