• marketing communication mix PowerPoint template and keynote
  • marketing communication mix PowerPoint template and keynote
  • marketing communication mix template for PowerPoint and keynote

Marketing Communication Mix PowerPoint Template

The term, marketing includes all activities which promote the selling of a product. It is a broad business function that also includes product research and development, merchandising and distribution processes and pricing, as well as advertisement and communication or promotion. The marketing communication mix PowerPoint template is a five section diagram that will cover the important concepts of the marketing communication mix. The communication mix diagram refers to specific methods used to promote the company or its products to targeted customers. This promotional mix PowerPoint diagram includes five elements; these elements are; direct marketing, public relations, personal selling, sales promotion and advertising. Users can show these prominent elements with a little description. The marketing mix ppt diagram is a generic template that may be used to illustrate five concepts of business development and marketing strategies.

Marketing communication mix PowerPoint template contains two slides in white background. Each slide is different in appearance and feel. The marketing presentation is common in any business areas, marketing managers and consultant’s deals with this topic. So, marketing professionals can download the communication PowerPoint template to display their concepts related to marketing and promotion. For example, advertising is often the most prominent element of the communication mix. Advertising embraces all communications a business pays to deliver through a medium to influence a targeted audience. Hence, the presenters can separately pick up a single topic of the marketing mix and deliver detailed explanations on this topic.

The speedometer metaphor template is fit to reveal the marketing concepts and gear up the changing tempos of marketing. The marketing mix PowerPoint template has enough text placeholders. These text zones are aligned in an uncluttered manner, so the viewers can easily understand the marketing topics. The five step PowerPoint template is ideal for academic presentation as well. The users can edit the PowerPoint objects and add more sections according to their needs. Further, they can add images of their brand in the center hub and insert PowerPoint icons in the mini circles instead of the numbers. Users in any field can download the general diagram template for any type of presentation.

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