• marketing flowchart

Multi-level marketing (MLM) model infographic contains 18 slides of direct marketing presentation PowerPoint. By dividing the distribution of products/services to common people, MLM offers excellent income for their direct sellers as percentages. When a country is confronting an acute economic crisis or growth crisis, people are willing to join these types of multi-level marketing companies and try to earn by framing their relationship management strategies. Today, multi-level business providers are setting new tactics to grab good market share from the traditional corporate models. Amway, Avon, and Herbalife have already proven their quality and space in the multi-level business scenario.

Multi-level marketing PowerPoint template is showing the distribution pattern of MLM business. Multilevel marketing (MLM) is a plan some direct sales corporations use to inspire existing distributors to recruit new distributors who are paid a percentage of their recruits' sales. The presenters who are engaging in direct-to-consumer marketing platforms can download our direct marketing PowerPoint to shows how customers were directly getting the product/or service by avoiding a number of middle-man in a traditional consignment model. This MLM marketing PowerPoint includes:

  • Flow chart PowerPoint diagrams
  • MLM hierarchy PowerPoint template
  • Slide showing difference between pyramid schemes and MLM (including two pyramid ppt diagrams for comparing the value of direct selling)
  • Tree diagram showing pyramid schemes (illegal) and multi-level marketing schemes (legal)
  • Infographic for the difference in marketing and advertising,
  • Traditional marketing VS multi-level marketing,
  • Diagram showing MLM VS Marketing,
  • Advantages and disadvantages template

Multi-level marketing ppt template illustrates network marketing strategies and their developments using the flow charts and flat vector infographic templates. All the infographics are created for an exclusive presentation of MLM marketing models. It is simple creative charts and comparisons diagrams to preset multi-level model or network marketing model. The multilevel marketing charts and other graphical illustrations are useful for presenting business benefits to attract new customers, distributors, increase sales, propose a marketing approach, and more.