Marketing Agency Prezi Style Pitch Deck is a business pitch showcasing services and company profiles in PowerPoint. No matter the business and structure (Corporate, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, LLP), the marketing agency presentation thoroughly details their offers and services. It is also beneficial for displaying an executive summary of the company or business model. If you are leading a digital marketing agency, you can create an intriguing presentation with these simple yet effective slide layouts. You can explain company history and project development strategies in the Prezi style Pitch Dec. Besides, company profile information with who works together to attract customers and user experience testimonials can be outlined with this creative agency PowerPoint design.

Marketing Agency PowerPoint in Prezi Style Pitch Deck assists users in creatively promoting their business goals. The graphic packages and diagrams will help. Further, this PowerPoint business could be used for online presentations using the Google Slide Themes. Mac users can incorporate the design for their Keynote presentations as well. The template has 29 slides of yellowish-green color themes that provide infographic layout effects. Besides, it contains high-definition graphics and cut-out picture settings. The Agency marketing PowerPoint template begins with a cover slide.

The remaining slides are arranged as follows.

  • Table of content column design
  • About us slide: two slides, one is a flat design and the other is a photo background layout
  • Our history slide: two slides, flat and timeline template
  • Our purse: two slides with image and without image
  • Leadership slide as pyramid ppt
  • Team slide: flat slide and photo placeholder slide with three sections
  • Stats: green tinted layout and statistical diagram
  • World map template
  • Showcase: two slides
  • Project slide: 3 templates
  • Awards presentation slides: seven slides with columns and flat designs
  • Contact us slide: two layouts.

Marketing agency Prezi Style Presentation Deck allows changing the graphic contents or color theme by edit options.