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The Finance Pitch Deck Prezi Style Presentation Template is a business pitch deck that offers financial slides for the business sector. The professional PowerPoint background and images support a finance pitch with company overview features. In addition, it has background images and diagrams that support the company profile presentation as well. For example, an about slide can be used to introduce your company values and solutions to your clients. This PowerPoint business pitch deck contains 28 slides in dark and light background modes. It is suitable for finance enterprises, finance management companies, asset management companies, and stock broking houses to provide a brief description of their company. This is an editable business profile presentation with flat design layouts in clean and neat PowerPoint.

Finance Template for PowerPoint presentation helps present data online. Audience engagement is the prime element for any presentation, so your business presentation needs a beautiful and engaging PowerPoint deck to keep your viewer on track. Therefore, the finance ppt deck would be the best choice since it doesn’t have messy visuals and clumsy diagrammatic representations. These templates are tinted with white and green duotone backgrounds alternatively. Users can easily make changes in color backgrounds, text, and size. It is ideal for comprehensive progress report presentations as well.

The finance pitch template includes the following slides for business presentation.

  • Cover slide: background building and growth graph images in green ppt background
  • Business agenda list
  • About slide (2 slides): box cutout in white and green background
  • Our solution slide (2 slides): box with infographic icons
  • Our value presentation (2slides) vertical box comparison model and flat design
  • Our location (2slides): world map PowerPoint and flat white background design
  • At a glance (2 slides): for the client and our proposal presentation
  • Our client slides (2 slides ): with image placeholders
  • Our proposal (2 slides): two-column box PowerPoint
  • Timeline template (2 slides) horizontal arrow timeline text boxes
  • Winning example ( 4 slides ): profile presentation templates
  • Contact slide
  • Thankyou ppt design

Try out Finance Pitch Deck Prezi Style PowerPoint Template for professional business presentations. Also, check out our financial consulting powerpoint template.

See the preview of the presentation here.