• Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PPT-Template
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Services
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-About
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Timeline
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Quote
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PPT-Template-Team
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Mission
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Achievements
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Opportunity
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Pricing
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Team
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Goal
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Investment
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-chart
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Infographics
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Initiatives
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Products
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PPT-Template-Services
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Locations
  • Free-Corporate-Deck-PowerPoint-Template-Thank you

Download Free Corporate Deck for PowerPoint Presentation

A business PowerPoint deck is an all-in-one template that features visual diagrams, charts, timelines, infographics, and all the motifs to incorporate your business models and plans. This free corporate deck PowerPoint template has been created with all these elements in a captivating green mix background. The users can focus on their fundraising efforts, startup pitch decks, and company profile presentations using this conglomeration of 21 corporate presentation slides. You can add this template to your PPT collection for a better chance of successful investment presentations.

What is a corporate pitch deck?

A corporate pitch deck is a summarized presentation that outlines a company's key aspects, strategies, and value propositions to potential investors, stakeholders, or clients. It is typically used during fundraising rounds, business meetings, or sales pitches. It aids as a communicative tool to reveal a business's vision, market opportunity, financial projections, and competitive advantages. It distills complex information into clear, impactful slides, aiming to capture the audience's attention and garner support. A well-crafted corporate pitch deck PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Mac keynote is essential for attracting investors, clients, and stakeholders to the business model.

The free PowerPoint corporate deck contains the following slides to showcase the company introduction with flair:

  • Title slide featuring two executives shaking their hands
  • About us slide with three square boxes
  • Our services feature a six-step infographic in the bullet point view
  • Timeline template with elaborate text placeholders
  • The quote slide features an original photo backdrop
  • Our team template with thematic design features
  • Mission & Vision with dark and light green mix flat design
  • Four sections slide for achievements presentation
  • The opportunity slide features business photographs
  • Pricing chart in a step diagram pattern
  • Team template features an office setup
  • Our goal presentation slide with descriptive text areas
  • Investment opportunities
  • Chart presentation features a segmented pie diagram
  • Infographic slide
  • Our initiatives
  • Product description template
  • Best services
  • Location map
  • Thank you presentation

The corporate pitch deck free PowerPoint is a professional design that helps entrepreneurs, corporate executives, project managers, and marketing professionals showcase their ideas and data compellingly. The PowerPoint charts and other statistical tools allow you to insert data for easy comprehension. Download the free corporate deck for PowerPoint presentation and deliver a successful note. Also, check out our collection of free PowerPoint business pitch decks.