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  • Corporate Social Responsibility Presentation Template
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Presentation
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Download CSR PowerPoint Template for Corporate Companies

Create a Corporate Social Responsibility Presentation Template using our attractive slide deck. This is a perfect creation to convey your CSR initiatives, goals, and achievements. The blue and white mix tints and CSR themes in separate slides ensure a compelling presentation that motivates and engages your audience.

What is a CSR template?

Corporate companies should spend a portion of their profit to uplift the vulnerable areas of society. It can be social, economic, environmental, educational, and health-related. Through these voluntary activities, they are becoming a part of national development and human development. This Corporate Responsibility PowerPoint template allows businesses to show their company's action plan as well as the subject matter of CSR education materials. If you are using a CSR PowerPoint, you can easily highlight economic responsibility, philanthropic responsibility, environmental responsibility and ethical responsibility.

The CSR PowerPoint template for corporate companies aids in providing sustainability impact presentations within minutes. It can be used to outline CSR strategy, goals, and action plans. Besides, you can convey annual CSR reports of your company over the year. Engage investors, stakeholders, and employers with these CSR slides. It can be also used for CSR training to educate teams, students and beneficiaries to understand principles and practices.

Corporate professionals, educators and trainers, Non-profits, Government Agencies, and Consultants can use this PowerPoint for transmitting CSR best practices.

The corporate social responsibility template for PowerPoint includes the following slides with infographic icons, images, and textual themes:

  • Title slide
  • What is corporate social responsibility?
  • CSR objectives
  • Mission, vision, and value
  • CSR team template with image placeholders
  • Why is corporate social responsibility (CSR) Important
  • How does CSR work?
  • Impact of CSR on employee engagement
  • Impact of CSR on financial performance
  • Difference between CSR and ESG
  • CSR: Mandatory or Voluntary
  • CSR plan featuring a curved timeline template
  • Break slide
  • Why engage in CSR
  • Infographic circular diagram to showcase CSR framework
  • CSR maturity with an arrow PPT shape
  • CSR cycle
  • Corporate social responsibility focus
  • Thank you slide
  • Features images

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