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Roles and responsibility template are a RASCI PowerPoint wherein you can put project management success tips on the timeline design. Race Management is a visual planning tool that enables you to see all your tasks and projects in one place. It's really easy to use and makes it simple to manage everything you need to get done. Whether you're a business owner or just trying to manage your productivity, RASCI can help!

The amazing RASCI PowerPoint template introduces one of the essential project management strategies. RASCI model is also known as the responsibility matrix. It is a tool for assigning responsibilities to resources in a project or process. In addition, it helps clarify the roles and responsibilities of different organizations and people in complex structures.

This roles and responsibility PowerPoint template is designed for learning purposes to train company staff or educate business management students. Alternatively, the layout of the RASCI model helps the project team map project success mantras. The purpose of every concept model is as follows:

  • Responsible: Those who assigned the work to complete the task.
  • Accountable: those who charge for finishing the task are ultimately answerable for the correct and thorough completion of the study.
  • Support: A person or a system which assists the responsible person during the implementation of the project process.
  • Consulted: a person needs to be asked for feedback, and the input needs to be considered.
  • Informed: this person needs to be maintained to date record the plan development progress.

The RASCI matrix template is an at-a-glance guide to help you identify the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in a project. The cartoon sketches make learning about the different roles and responsibilities fun and engaging, so you can consciously get your work done.