• GRPI team development slide

The GRPI model of team development template is a management PowerPoint illustrating Richard Beckhard’s popular concept of team development. Richard Beckhard, a well-known management thinker, has been introduced the GRPI model in 1972. The acronym stands for Goals, Roles, Processes, Interpersonal Relationships— a tool to identify the causes of team dysfunction. This GRPI Model can look at teams and question them on all sides of their functions as a collaborative team. This model is illustrated as a pyramid diagram, where the interpersonal relationship is across the other three components. A team can only do their work efficiently if they realize what they stand for and what they are working towards.

GRPI model PowerPoint template is created with different variations. All the variations appealing pyramid PowerPoint that may use for step-by-step presentation of any topics in ascending order. However, the team development model template of GRPI has been framed its concepts in descending order. If you are a management professional, you may need different types of pyramid diagrams to show concepts such as Maslow’s need hierarchy theory, lead generation funnel concepts, sales pipeline concepts, etc. so, the GRPI model ppt template enables you to create management presentation with the attractive pyramid templates.

The users can easily download and use the GRPI ppt template to decorate the presentation slide. The template contains a segmented triangle pyramid with four levels. Each level includes SmartArt vector graphics with PowerPoint icons. In addition, text areas are present to add a brief description of each class. The template is created using PowerPoint shapes, allowing the user to customize the template entirely. If you want the presentation to be professional and frank, then GRPI pyramid diagram is perfect for you. Get ready for a search in slidebazaar gallery, and download a variety of Pyramid Diagram, and convey the information effectively like never before.