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RAIDAR Model Diagram for PowerPoint

RAIDAR model PowerPoint template shows the risk management concepts in timeline ppt design. RAIDAR refers Risk Assessment Identification and Ranking model. It is an evaluation framework for environmental management and also be suit for business risk management. However, it is widely used assessment tool for chemical used indoors or applied to humans. Instead of these potentials, RAIDAR can be used for project risk management presentation. The six steps of RAIDAR model diagram are much suitable to create project management presentation on the basis of these six concepts. The RAIDAR can be translated to Risk, Assumption, Issues, Dependencies, Actions, and Repairs. Given below is the brief description of each step of risk management RAIDAR model:

  • Risk: Happenings which may negatively impacted on the project workflow if occur.
  • Assumptions: Producing an understanding of the particulars of a project but not make them open.
  • Issues: Events and problems which need to be measured and addressed.
  • Dependencies: Assignments or activities which can generate certain effects or affect the investors.
  • Actions: Action plan to lessen, avoid and reduce risks.
  • Repairs: Loss control for the situation.

The RAIDAR model diagram is a perfect roadmap presentation created with horizontal poster PowerPoint template. The users can make incredible banner presentation using the step by step ppt diagram. The design format provides an overall look to the diagram in a straight view. Each text placeholder banner squares contains risk infographic icons on the surface. All these infographic SmartArt’s are supporting elements which gives a symbolic explanations of the RAIDAR model concepts. For example, repair section is pictured by the image of spanner and hammer. Similarly, all the sections are made with meaningful PowerPoint icons and flat vector illustrations. This is a project PowerPoint presentation template of simple design usable to show concepts and its explanations. Use RAIDAR model PowerPoint template to display project management overviews.